Cost of Video Editing

Cost of Video Editing

How much does professional video editing cost?

This question seems like it should be easy to answer, but if you’ve searched around, you’ve probably had a hard time finding an exact answer to the question. The typical pricing page for video editing services gives you a list of all the variables that influence the final price. The list often includes these elements:

  • The length of raw footage submitted – You have three hours of footage? That will cost you.
  • The length of the finished video – You want a 10 minute video rather than 5? That will cost you.
  • The complexity of the video – You want 20 scene switches a minute? That will cost you.
  • Text effects – You want different text to flash on the screen throughout the video? That will cost you.
  • Animation – You want graphics or animations? That will cost you.
  • Voice overs – You want a recorded voice over? That will also cost you.
  • Music selections – You want background music selected for you? Are you getting the idea yet?
  • Closed captions – Yep, that will cost you too.
  • Additional special effects – You want bigfoot added to your GoPro mountain bike footage? That will definitely cost you!

video edit with bigfoot inserted

The price can start to grow pretty quickly with most editing services because of the typical pricing structure.

The normal business model is based on hours spent on a project and each additional element adds time to a project. This leads you to select only the bare minimum of what you really want. If you want your company logo to fly in using cool 3D animations during the intro scene, but you find out that it will add an additional $500 to the price tag, you’re likely skip that and just have a simple fade to black.This isn’t an ideal experience for you or your viewers.

The online world is moving toward video as a primary media. In fact, the American Marketing Association predicts that “by 2019, video content will be the driving factor behind 85% of search traffic in the US”. Having poor quality or low quantities of video for your business isn’t a great option.

If video is so important, what are my options?

You may be wanting more video collateral for your website, your blog, for use inside your business, or for social media platforms, but don’t want to break the bank on it. We’ve put together a list of various options to get video content along with a good estimate of the costs of each.

So what about those freelance sites that say I can get a project done for $5?video editing cost

Most of those sites also tie the price tag to the time it will take to finish the project. A base video editing package on a freelance site can start at $50 for just a few minutes of basic scene cutting with transitions. If you want text overlays, add $5. If you want an animated logo, add another $5. Anything else, add $5 more. That $50 quote just expanded to a $300 invoice! The final price typically ends up being cheaper on these freelance sites than a premium professional video editing studio, but it’s always a gamble on the quality you’ll get back and you often have to wait in a longer line for the better editors.

Can I hire a professional video editing studio to get better service and quality?

If you choose to hire a video house that’s a little higher end than the typical freelancer, you’ll pay a premium for the quality. Most editing shops are going to end up charging about $75 to $150 per hour spent on a project. A 3-5 minute marketing video may end up costing $3,000 to $5,000 at these rates, but you’ll usually get better quality and more personalized attention than with a freelancer.

I could always hire a full-time video editor.

If your business is growing and you can afford to bring on a full-time video editor, that may be a great option. The going rate of a good video editing computer starts at about $2,000 and a professional editing studio can cost magnitudes more. You’ll also need the right software. That can cost another $1,000 or so a year for one business license. Then the wages for a good video editor run about $45,000 depending on the local job market. If you’re ready to take on a ton of video editing, this is a great option, but not a cheap one.

Maybe I can just skip the professional editing and find free software. It can’t be that hard to do, right?

There are plenty of free or relatively cheap video editing programs out there and some of them are amazingly feature-rich for the cost. You can try these, but the ones with an easier learning curve usually can’t do what you need done. The ones that have more horsepower also come with a steeper learning curve. This may work for you, but most business owners have more valuable things to do than scroll through frame by frame to get the perfect transition. Time is expensive and your time should be spent where your skills are. Video editing is expensive for a reason. It’s because it takes time and skill to do well.

What does Video Butlers offer?

At Video Butlers, we’re passionate about producing high quality video content. We don’t want to offer vague and unpredictable price tags. At Video Butlers, the cost is simple – $500/month gets you unlimited video edits. We offer you a monthly subscription that gives you access to a professional video editor using top-shelf software. Learn more here.

Your dedicated editor will work on any project you submit without any extra fees for complex or big projects. If you get it back and want a different font or a different shade of grey, no problem. We’ll fix it as many times as it takes until you’re fully satisfied. Each editor works through one project at at time for a client. This means long and complex projects will take longer, so you’ll have to wait before starting the next project.

We love what we do and work hard to give you the best quality video in the shortest time possible. Our editors are continually honing their skills and learning new techniques to give you better results in less time.

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